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I do believe I've set everything up now, people should now be able to join the group as members! Lemme know if anything's broken so I can fix it right away!
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Intergalactic Truckstop Casting Call!

Hey! Do you like Intergalactic Truckstop? Do you want a shot at being in the comic? Good news - The Intergalactic Truckstop Casting Call is OPEN from now until the end of the comic, and maybe beyond!

It's an open casting call - you can submit as many times as you like, and there's no end to how many characters I'll be taking. There's no guarantee that your character will make it in, but if I like the design enough, they'll make an appearance as a cameo, and if you give them a backstory that I really like, they may even make a prominent appearance in the plot!

How should I submit my character?
Just send me a note with a link to your character profile.

Is there a set format I should use?
There's no set format, just whatever you think works best! If you want a chance at being a speaking part though, be sure to include something about their personality and backstory.

What kind of characters can we submit this time around?
You can submit humans, ITS aliens (Itanta, Inquisi and Quargon) and GELFs!

What kind of characters do you really need right now?
Right now we're going to be on a predominantly Itanta-inhabited planet where GELFs have been starting to show up more frequently, so both Itantas and GELFs would be good right now!

I submitted a fancharacter during the contest, can I enter again in the casting call?
Absolutely! Feel free to make as many submissions as you like, and if I like them enough they may appear as background characters or even have a speaking part in an arc :D Don't re-submit characters you've already submitted to the contest, though, they're already in. :D

I drew a fancharacter or fancharacters before you announced this casting call, can I submit them?
Of course! I may have seen it before, but just to play it safe, link me to it so I know which character you want to submit.

Why didn't you pick my character?
Either I didn't like their design, or I honestly couldn't find a way to fit them into the story reasonably. Never fear, you can submit as many times as you like. :3

Also note, If I liked your character design apart from one or two things, I may change some details, but if I plan on doing so, I'll be sure to give you notice and ask if you're okay with me making those changes.

Is there any way to improve my chances of getting a character in the comic?
Making a character based on a species currently listed under "What characters do you really need right now?" will improve your chances, but I still plan on holding contests to offer guaranteed speaking parts to characters, so keep an eye out for those :D

If there's any other questions you'd like answered I'll do my best to answer them.



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